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"I just started a new job and my time is limited for all my wedding planning."

I'm so-o-o-o appreciative of you helping me shop for my wedding cake. The saving money part isn't bad either.

To Receive A Fabulous Wedding Cake
For The Best Value Do The Following...

Send between 1 and 4 bridal cake photos for price quotes. Use photos from your favorite search engine or other source.

Check prices to see which bridal and\or groom's cakes fit your price range, and the Kansas City bakeries or cake designers who submitted them.

Be sure to ask your baker the right questions. Choose the best baker/cake artist for your budget. For FREE help, get advice from real experts at WeddingCake.org.

Arrange consultations with bakeries and Kansas City cake artists to taste sample cakes, interview them, and to narrow the field.

Choose the cake artist who you like the most and offers the best value. This way, you'll be confident you've made the right choice.

Need help making a final choice between wedding cake bakers??
Receive FREE advice from independent experts at WeddingCake.org.

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